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How to book your Thailand holidays during the corona covid19 pandemic

By on 3. Februar 2021 0 433 Views

Very easy – contact us and we will assist you in any matter

How to book your Thailand vacation during the corona covid19 pandemic.

During the pandemic it is a bit more complicated but still feasible.

We are happy to support you and we are sure to speak your language.

Contact us!


You will need the following documents during the pandemic:

1. Confirmation of the booking of a quarantine hotel

2. Confirmation of travel health insurance

3. Confirmation of a flight booking

4. Tourist visa

5. Negative Covid test not older than 72 hours upon arrival

6. Fit to Fly certificate no older than 72 hours upon arrival


We’ll help you book the Quarantine Hotel, we’ll book Covid19 Health Insurance covered to 100,000 USD for you, we’ll be happy to book your flight, fill out the visa application for you, help you apply for the Certificate of entry to Thailand (COE) and are at your side if you have any questions about the Fit to Fly Certificate and Corona test.


When you book a Quarantine Hotel with us, you will receive a holiday voucher worth 75 USD and a local SIM card, which guarantees fast and secure WiFi.


Of course we are at your disposal during your quarantine stay.


We are happy to make the following bookings for you, such as:

hotel reservations,

flight bookings national and international,

car rental reservations,

motorcycle rental,

yacht charter,

bookings of excursions,

bookings of playing times on golf courses

and much more.


Let yourself be convinced by our unique service!

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