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Quarantine time for Thailand travelers is reduced

By on 27. März 2021 0 104 Views

Thailand reduced quarantine times only 7 to 10 days quarantine time for Thailand travelers. From April 1st the quarantine time for Thailand travelers shortened!

7 day quarantine

Non-Thai Citizen’s / got Covid-19 vaccines before 14 days to 3 month before arriving in Thailand and have Covid-19 free certificates

7 day quarantine

Thai Citizen’s returnees / got Covid-19 vaccines before 14 days to 3 month before arriving in Thailand

10 day quarantine

Non-Thai Citizen’s / have Covid-19 free certificates

14 day quarantine

Both Thai and Non-Thai travelers from Africa

In addition, people in quarantine have other options that were previously not possible.
Use of the fitness rooms as well as work out outdoors, use of the pool, ride a bike indoors as well as outside food deliveries


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