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Spend a year in a luxury hotel on Phuket

By on 2. Oktober 2017 0 402 Views

Spend a year in a luxury hotel on Phuket

Live on an island with white sand and colorful fish whenever you feel like it in the coming year – in Thailand, Acasia luxury Pool Villas offers just that at a fixed price. The fun for two people in a bungalow costs $ 30,000 (around 25,000 euros), as the Acasia Group hotel says.

The two guests will then be able to come and go as often as they wish between 2021 and December 23, 2021 – including breakfast and discounts on food and wellness services.

Extra people (max. 4 people) only pay 50% of the stated price
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There, however, guests also get a personal assistant and private yoga lessons and can watch dolphins from a yacht while the children are looked after and the laundry is being done.

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